2020 Preliminary Seeding

2020 Preliminary Seeding will come up about one week before the event. Meanwhile, you can see a registration list here.

Here is the Entries Version Six.

This was current as of 07/11/19 at 8 p.m. If you entered after that time you will not yet appear. We reserve the right to change a division (example: you signed up for Elite, but did not make the standard). In fact several of you had to be moved as you exceeded the maximum PR. Please note that it is career PR that matters. Also, if you entered earlier in the season, but now have a better PR, please self advance.

Need to request a change of any kind, including Division? Please read carefully and then use the form link below. Please do not email a change, but if you have a question, then okay, email 🙂

As regards divisions:
If you qualify for the 14 and Under, 15-16 or HS Divisions you may instead elect to MOVE to the HS Elite if you are a female with and 11-06 or higher PR or a male with a 14-06 PR. You may also elect to ADD a second division and jump on both Friday and Saturday in the regular HS division and again in the HS Elite division. Contact us for a second event code!

To request a move or to make any change:
Please fill out this form (include your LAST AND FIRST NAMES please which are in the list above and your bib number from the performance list). PLEASE NOTE: you may request a “move up” to a more competitive division, but we do not move down to a less competitive division. For example you are 13 years old but want to jump in the HS open division — no problem. Or, you are a high school jumper and have been placed in Division 2 (more competitive PR’s) but haven’t been jumping much so you want to move down to Division 1 (lower PR’s) — problem, you must jump based on your all time PR. You are a HS jumper who would rather jump in the Elite division — no problem if you have the minimum PR (must have been achieved in competition, not in practice or you just feel it coming, please to be fair to other competitors)

To request an add – you want to jump twice:
Please either send us an email to receive a coupon code for your second division registration — you will still need to register, but you will save $25 off of a full registration or use the form and select “I want to add this as a second division”. We will then email you. You must meet or exceed the HS Elite standard to be admitted to a second division.